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RonaldThe Ranch Finder "Presents", an experienced agricultural real estate broker specializing in Western ranch sales since 1964. Ronald H. Mayer Real Estate is licensed in New Mexico and is widely known throughout the U.S. as a Finder and Seller of quality ranches and farms. The Ranch Finder, with his personal and professional hands on experiences as a ranch manager and ranch owner, is also a licensed New Mexico Appraiser along with an A.R.A, accreditation from the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers.

This ranch sales agency has been active in current day application in ranch real estate sales such as IRS 1031 tax-free exchanges, establishing Market Value for conservation easements and has designed and written a now popular Improvement Evaluation Report where ranch and farm improvements can be conveyed to a new purchaser at closing on their Contribution Value for a current depreciation schedule.

As to the qualifications for the Ranch Finder, references can be furnished.


The Ranch Finder continually searches the ranch sales market for current listings with a network of other professional ranch sales brokers throughout the 17 Western States.

This agency under proper guidelines of acknowledgment can act as the sellers agent or the buyers agent.

In other words if you want to sell a ranch, the Ranch Finder can sell it for you. If you are looking to buy a ranch, the Ranch Finder will find you what you are looking for.

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